DAY 1 June 9, 2013 : Telluride to Cortez (75 miles and 10,222 feet, up over Lizard Head Pass)

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Image                     Lloyd was preparing to hit the road at 5:30 AM. Danielle and I even braved the early morning and got up to see them off. The night before, Lloyd looked so depressed and scared. I thought, Hmmmm….I should pray over him and give him a verse to cling to—the only verse I thought of was, “yeh though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil.”—hmmm Encouraging? I don’t think so. But he continued the verse from memory and it actually was nice: “You are close beside me, your rod and your staff they comfort me.”-He was able to cling to that all the way down the mountain and he had a fairly good ride. Of course, most of the ride was a gradual down hill (not the gripping white knuckles kind, but the kind where you feel in control.)—they were done with the ride by noon (amazing).

Everyone slept in our beautiful two bedroom apartment that first night—Ben and Danielle had a perfect suite to house themselves and the baby. Jess slept in the living room (always the single people get the living room—Nathan lucky you weren’t here or you probably would have been on the couch J; Lloyd and I got the spare bedroom and all were quite comfortable. In the morning I fed everyone hard boiled eggs which I had prepared at home (everyone usually teases me about the eggs I bring—“Mom, every town has eggs!” “But yes,” I retorted, “except  who wants to cook when on vacation??”—they always eat my eggs. Then there were granola bars and homemade bread with cream cheese and fruit—a scrumptious breakfast! Danielle and I rolled ourselves out of bed that early morning hour (5:30, yuck!)—we were outside in the brisk and cold mountain air to take pictures and wish then all a safe journey and pray with them. Then they were off—my sweet family on this long 71 mile bike ride. Whew! I cannot imagine.

The bikers felt this day was a successful ride and they all appeared to be full of enthusiasm after their first long day.

 Lloyd and Jess both wore their jersey with the printing: “My daughter is a reporter (“I am a reporter”} for the Reporter Herald. You can like us on facebook,”—Apparently, many people made comments.

When I (Margie) later drove past all the riders, they often were 3 to 5 deep and at times in the middle of the road. It was treacherous for me to pass them all. But I did it and arrived into town after my family, imagine that. Here is why:Image

              Sunday, While Jess and Lloyd and Ben had gotten up at what time was it? 5:15 or something? –After they all left, Danielle and I went back to bed. We slept in till 8:00, went for a relaxing swim, ate some breakfast and hit the road about 10:15. We arrived to the hotel around 1:00 and Ben and Jess and Lloyd had been waiting around for about a half hour waiting for us to rescue them with a key to the room, and warm showers and food. They can be quite needy sometimes.                  

After meeting up with the family, they all wanted to rest, all except for Lloyd of course, who still is the energizer bunny. Around 2 pm we headed for Mesa Verde. My phone GPS stated it would be an hour drive. No way did Jess and Ben want to join us (they were exhausted!) But we could get in free with my senior pass (haha—does not seem possible).

Lloyd and Danielle and I and the baby of course took the short 20 minute drive to the park (what? My GPS is wrong? Impossible!) But we soon found out there would be another hour drive into the park for the downward descent into the canyon to look at the ruins. Baby Benjamin did amazingly well, especially when we lifted him into the hole with the ladder in order to explore the bowels of the dwellings.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


About margeebee

I have a wonderful husband (Lloyd) who has always supported me and I love him very much. I am a mom --I have three grown children and a son-in-law. --God and my family are my highest priorities and we have so much fun together. My most recent profession is that of being a sign language interpreter. I graduated from an interpreter program when I was 58 and have devoted much of my time since then to learning the language. I love my Lord and try and spend time with him every day. He is helping me learn the intricacies of sign language. I pray for my family and friends often -- They are an inspiration to my life. I enjoy hanging out with Deaf people and teaching deaf children English--that is always a rewarding experience. My husband and I enjoy worshiping God through Israeli dancing and often pray for Israel and our country. We enjoy traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Israel while ministering. I became a grandmother for the first time in 2012, and am enjoying watching my daughter and son-in-law raise this little one. I have the privilege of babysitting my precious grandson 3 days a week and for that, am putting everything else aside.
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