The baby is now 1 1/2 weeks old–   Here is our sweet sweet baby and his Dad:

From first glance, these two handsome babies could be one and the same, but no, that is not right–here is the true biz reality:

Two week old: Benjamin Samuel Vernelson III (on the left)  –this Benjamin is now 27 years old and is the others’ Daddy.


One week old baby Benjamin Samuel Vernelson IV (on the right)

When I walked into their house on July 4th, Ben’s dad (Benjamin Samuel Vernelson II) was holding the baby and all I had to say, was, “Hi Ben and Ben and Ben!” I still am unclear what we will be calling our baby–I suppose he will be Benjamin –but that is the name that Deborah (Ben’s Mom,) calls Ben.  In a few of Danielle’s facebook comments, she is calling him “Four.” hmmmm….So, who knows? All I know is he is the cutest thing ever.


A little about the history of our town right now: the High Parks Fire up near Red Feathers, past LaPorte, toward the West, and north of Fort Collins, that destroyed about 250 homes, has been completely 100% contained. There is also a terrible fire down by Colorado Springs Fire even went into neighborhoods, and near Garden of the Gods, has destroyed 350 homes and is 98% contained as of today. It is very sad that so many people have lost their homes. Two people that work with Lloyd were evacuated from their homes. One guy is retired (Lloyd does not know what happened to his house,) but the other guys’ house was not destroyed, but their was quite a bit of smoke damage. Some of the volunteers for the fire lost their homes as they were fighting to protect other homes. This week we have had quite a bit of rain which is causing mud slides in the burned out areas.

My Lord we love you and are praying that these people find hope and refuge with you and that you provide them with the resources to re-build.

Thank you also my Father for the beautiful miracle that you have given to us! As I visit with Danielle and Ben, and help to care for their baby, I pray that we will feel your presence every step of the way. I am thankful Danielle and Ben are parents now! Please instruct them in your ways so they can train up this child and when he is old he will not depart from you. Thank you for this.


About margeebee

I have a wonderful husband (Lloyd) who has always supported me and I love him very much. I am a mom --I have three grown children and a son-in-law. --God and my family are my highest priorities and we have so much fun together. My most recent profession is that of being a sign language interpreter. I graduated from an interpreter program when I was 58 and have devoted much of my time since then to learning the language. I love my Lord and try and spend time with him every day. He is helping me learn the intricacies of sign language. I pray for my family and friends often -- They are an inspiration to my life. I enjoy hanging out with Deaf people and teaching deaf children English--that is always a rewarding experience. My husband and I enjoy worshiping God through Israeli dancing and often pray for Israel and our country. We enjoy traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Israel while ministering. I became a grandmother for the first time in 2012, and am enjoying watching my daughter and son-in-law raise this little one. I have the privilege of babysitting my precious grandson 3 days a week and for that, am putting everything else aside.
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