June 27, 2012 the day our first grandchild was born

June 27, 2012: It was “Bike to Work Day”. Jessica, being the reporter that she is, wanted to hit as many  of the breakfast stations as possible. (These variety of stations provide food to people as they bike to work.) Prior to the birth of the baby, Jessica and I intended to hit all 8 stations,  planning on ending our trek at McKee Medical Center where the baby would be born. One slight problem: I made it to two stops and then broke down with a flat tire. Jessica had to finish the bike trek alone. A sweet bike-repair person-tech came to rescue me–Her name is Amanda Barlow (it so happens she went to high school with my son Nathan.) She was adorable–helped to try to patch my tire but the tire would not accept the patch. So she hoisted my bike and bike trailer onto her car, drove me to Mckee  where my daughter was due to have her baby in an hour. I feel  very fortunate I was able to find help to get to the hospital in time. Thank you Amanda!

Deborah (Ben’s mom; Danielle’s mother-in-law), Jeannie (Ben’s Grandmother,) and I sat in the triage room waiting and waiting for the word. Lloyd and Jessica were in and out. We all were there when the surgery was underway. We could peek through a slice in the door’s window to see some goings on–when Ben was getting dressed into his doctor suit, we stood there at the slit in the door, 5 heads deep, watching him (I never knew my son-in-law was so popular.) When he moved, we jumped to see what was happening. When someone in our 5 – some whispered, ahhhh,,,,,….We all jumped (what is it?). Deborah asked, “Is he walking yet?”; Jessica asked, “Is he flying yet?”  Then we looked and Ben had not yet entered the delivery/surgery room. We were as giddy as school children. We laughed and laughed at how nervous we all were. Deborah and Jeannie paced the floor. Lloyd and I sat in our perches, as calm as could be on the outside. I gazed at my bible (one of the three books I brought to pass  the time,) but was not really absorbing any of the messages. We spoke of the sweet relationship that Ben and Danielle have–they are so totally devoted to one another that it is heartwarming. Deborah stated that she is so glad the two found each other. I nodded in agreement. Then we all took bets as to the time of the birth. I guessed it would be 11:25; I was the closest.

Our sweet sweet grandbaby (named Benjamin Samuel Vernelson IV) was born at 11:22 am, weighed in at 8 # 12 oz and is 20 inches long. His large head measured 14 inches. Danielle did end up having a C-section. His head was so big that the hole the doctor had made to pull the baby out was too little. It was weird. I thought the doctor would open her up, take the baby out and that would be it.  I think the baby thought that cozy little alcove in his mother’s belly was just right, and he would rather stay there in his comfy cacoon. But  the baby’s head was so big it would not fit through the hole the doctor had cut. The doctor struggled and struggled and had to use suction to get the baby out–All the nurses were pushing on Danielle’s belly to push the baby out. It would still not come so they had to turn the baby around and pull him out feet first after making a bigger hole. They continued to maneuver and push until finally they were able to grasp the feet, tug , yank and suction the baby to freedom. The doctor told Danielle he was happy she had not tried to do this vaginally because he thought a natural birth would have been more difficult! He also said that was the hardest C-section he had ever done. I am thankful both baby and mom are doing well!



About margeebee

I have a wonderful husband (Lloyd) who has always supported me and I love him very much. I am a mom --I have three grown children and a son-in-law. --God and my family are my highest priorities and we have so much fun together. My most recent profession is that of being a sign language interpreter. I graduated from an interpreter program when I was 58 and have devoted much of my time since then to learning the language. I love my Lord and try and spend time with him every day. He is helping me learn the intricacies of sign language. I pray for my family and friends often -- They are an inspiration to my life. I enjoy hanging out with Deaf people and teaching deaf children English--that is always a rewarding experience. My husband and I enjoy worshiping God through Israeli dancing and often pray for Israel and our country. We enjoy traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Israel while ministering. I became a grandmother for the first time in 2012, and am enjoying watching my daughter and son-in-law raise this little one. I have the privilege of babysitting my precious grandson 3 days a week and for that, am putting everything else aside.
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